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What is  Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a gentle, holistic approach to energy healing.  Through muscle monitoring it aims to find imbalances within the body, whether this is physical, chemical, emotional or a combination of these.  By bringing the sub-conscience mind to the conscience mind, my clients then have the knowledge to move forward with better choices that may help bring balance back into their own lives. Then with some gentle techniques I aim to help remove these stresses/blockages within the body, get the energy flowing and allow the body a chance to begin healing.

With life being so busy these days, it can lead to our body being out of balance in many ways.  If you are ready to take charge of your health and wellbeing come see me and we can begin your journey of healing within.

Why Choose Us?


As a Kinesiologist, I bring my own past trauma which has allowed me to better understand what it is like and to be able to help others on a journey to heal, with empathy and sympathy.

My own healing journey has allowed me to understand what stress does on the body and has expanded my love of energy healing.

I understand that stress holds in the body and the implications of this can lead to a state of dis-ease.  

Our gorgeous dog Daisy also loves people and I have found her to be a beautiful healing dog with lots of cuddles on offer.

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What our Clients are Saying


Jody is amazing at what she does and is a very inspirational Kinesiologist.  I always feel amazing after a balance with her.  Highly recommend. 


- D. Twigg

Jody is a very dedicated practitioner of Kinesiology.  She shows kindness, understanding and compassion for her clients.  Along with this, she has the skills to uncover the underlying cause of Client's issues.  Jody practices with integrity and confidentiality.  I highly recommend Jody to anyone who wants peace of mind and joy in their life.

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