A little about me and my journey

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My name is Jody Coventry and I am the mother of 3 beautiful children.  Kinesiology has been an amazing healing journey for me and my family.  In 2009 after a miscarriage, I fell pregnant with identical twin girls, and after a perfect pregnancy, I was rushed in for an emergency c section at 37 weeks.  I gave birth to Tegan and Jasmine, but our hearts were broken when we were told that Tegan was stillborn and our little Jasmine had a fight on her hands but survived.  I believe it was at this time my health began to deteriorate. 

The heartbreak of losing a baby was devastating, but having a newborn baby to care for also did not give me time to grieve.

In 2011, Liam was born and Logan joined us in 2013.  It was at this time I struggled to function and after many attempts for help in the medical system, I sought help with a naturopath who began working with my adrenals which had suffered due to stress.

In 2015, Logan was 21 months old and developed sepsis due to a strep A bacterial infection and was put into an induced coma for 10 days and on life support for 2 weeks.  We were advised a few times that he may not make it, but with each day he beat the odds and is the very active boisterous child we know and love today.  The stress of this turned my health backwards once again leading to having my gall bladder removed and living with undiagnosed hyperthyroid for many years, which is also now healed.

In 2019, the opportunity to study Kinesiology came along and it is during this time that I realised that I had spent the last decade in survival mode rather than living life.  I was living is such a state of fear, waiting for the next bad thing to happen and not nurturing or taking care of myself.

Once I started healing with Kinesiology, my whole world around me started to shift and I am now ready to help others heal on their journey too.

So if you are ready to ''Heal Within' come see me for a balance and we can begin shifting your life too.

Certificate IV in Nueroenergetic Kinesiology

Reiki 1

Member of the Australian Kinesiology Association